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History of Fransalian Hekima Seminary Secondary School

The Missionary Society of St. Francis de Sales (Fransalians/MSFS) is an International Catholic Religious Order present in 27 countries with 1,300 members. The Religious Order was established in 1838 in France by Servant of God Father Peter Mermier under the patronage of St. Francis de Sales. Fransalians are present in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Chad, Cameroon, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Fransalians are engaged in pastoral, educational, medical and social services in Tanzania since 1988. In Tanzania, Fransalians are present in the regions of Tabora, Morogoro, Coastal, Dar es Salam, Shinyanga, Dodoma and Arusha.  Since 2010, we are present in Maji ya Chai, Meru District, Arusha. We offer pastoral, educational, medical and social services through Lumen Christi Institute.

The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales have several Pre-Primary schools, Primary schools, Secondary schools and a Vacational Training school in different regions of Tanzania. The Pre- and Primary Schools are in Kigurunyembe (Morogoro), Ipuli and Bukene (Tabora), Kagongwa and Isaka (Shinyanga), Mkuza/Kibaha (Cost); Secondary Schools are in Kihonda (Morogoro) and in Ipuli (Tabora). The Vocational Training Centre is at Mwakata/Isaka (Shinyanga).

Fransalian Hekima Secondary School at Maji ya Chai

After having realized the importance of education for the future of Tanzania, we decided to open a secondary school, so that young pupils can have access to quality secondary school education. The youth is the wealth of a nation. Their talents have to be made use of for the nation building. It is for this reason that the Fransalians decided to open a secondary School at Maji ya Chai to help the Government, to eradicate poverty in the country through quality education.

On January 8, 2018, Rev. Father Abraham Vettuvelil MSFS, the Superior General of Fransalians, blessed and inaugurated Frasalian Hekima Secondary School.

The School is registered (Reg. No. S. 5013) under the Education Ministry of Tanzania.

The school provides high quality "O" Level (Form I - IV) education for both boys and girls of all religions alike. Frasalian Hekima School has a well-furnished infrastructure with 12 classrooms, laboratories for Chemistry, Biology and Physics,  a large Computer Lab, a well-stocked library with a spacious reading room, a 1,000 seat mutli-purpose hall. We provide well-equipped boarding for boys and girls.

The development of a nation depends upon education of its citizens. The Management and the staff of Fransalian Hekima school are committed to concentrate on moulding the our students to become the best citizens of Tanzania by providing wisdom and knowledge through value based education. The school administration takes care of the students for their integral development by offering timely motivation seminars and co-curricular activities like sports and arts.